When I was a kid, I had dreams of travelling the world, visiting exotic locations, and working with glamorous people.

I’m not referring to the lifestyle of a globe-trotting fashion or travel photographer — I wanted to be a flight attendant.

Although my Dad is a photographer himself, I wasn’t inspired to pick up a camera until high school. At the time, I needed to join an after-school activity (which is compulsory in Singapore where I grew up) and decided the school’s Photography Club would allow me to meet my obligations with a minimum of time and effort.

I didn’t expect I’d find a new hobby, which would later grow into a passion. I began seeing objects and things in new and different ways. More importantly, I learnt to find beauty where previously I saw none.

Today, I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and I’ve since traded my childhood dream of flying the skies as a flight attendant for a career in accountancy.

However, I still dream of travelling to exotic locations around the world, and working with interesting and beautiful people.

But this time, I’ll have my camera with me.